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Flavor Junkie – Frequently Asked Questions

What are you making for dinner?

This is *by far* the question I am asked most often.  Followed closely by, “What should I make for dinner?  —the graduation party?  —-Mother’s Day brunch?  —when my in-laws are in town?”  So that’s why I put the “What’s for Dinner?” section right up front.  I know how hard it is for many of you to come up with *what* to make—particularly if you’re the one tasked with feeding a family night after night.  Singles can always choose Fruit Loops for dinner, but when you’ve got other people–(hell, no man I’ve ever dated has wanted cereal for dinner! *smile*)—especially children–counting on you for tasty and nutritious meals day after day, inspiration can be hard to come by.

I’ve had so many people tell me that it’s not just the shopping and cooking, but it’s the “coming up with” that really gets them down….so for all of you, I dedicate the “What’s for Dinner?” section here on Flavor Junkie.  Check the “What’s for Dinner” tab if you’re looking for inspiration for the week’s meals or the week’s shopping list.  Hopefully you’ll find something to inspire you—or at least make the decision of what to feed the in-laws an easier one

Don’t you know how to make a : ) smiley face?

I know, I know, I’m the only one in the world who notes *smile* like this…..but years ago I worked with some tech geeks who would denote grin  like this: *g*  and I always thought it was so happy and fun-the-sun looking (much like the vinyl decals I put on my car in the summertime)…..that I just can’t give it up.  So please bear with me and my *-flanked-written-out-smile. Or as my friends have taken to calling it:”Smile, Josie-style.” *smile*

Explain Diet-Friendly and Vegetarian-Friendly.

I hate to label anything as “diet”—it makes some people reject it because they think it will automatically taste bad because: “It’s diet?  Blech!”  or it will make them feel the recipe is somehow “less than” because it’s “diet”….but I also wanted to help the people who *are* looking for healthy or diet choices zero-in on these recipes…hence “Diet-Friendly”.

I love vegetables, but I’m no vegetarian.  I mean, I’m the founder of “Pork Fest!”, so clearly, vegetarian is *not* in my DNA. And whenever there’s a stock or broth used in an otherwise “Vegetarian” dish, I invariably muck up that designation by using Chicken, Turkey or Beef Stock.  When I make a salad, don’t be surprised to find a bit of meat or hard-boiled egg thrown in.  And don’t even get me started on just how many grains and vegetables and soups taste better when made with a bit of bacon or bacon fat.  So.  I would be hard pressed to label just about *any* of my recipes truly Vegetarian….but many of them so easily *can* be.  Swap out those pesky meat stocks for vegetable stock or plain old H20.  Leave the prosciutto off your salad or the bacon out of your beans.  Go ahead, really.  I think you’ll like it.  So just like for the ‘diet-seekers’, I wanted to make it easy for you veg-heads out there to find the recipes I think you’d enjoy…hence, “Vegetarian-Friendly”.

What do you think is more important, the taste of the dish or the nutrition of the dish?

I say it doesn’t have to be a choice, healthy or tasty…..It’s tasty cooking that is healthy.  That’s what I strive for, always.  The leanest, healthiest version of a recipe that doesn’t skimp on taste.  Now, no, not every dish is a nutritionist’s dream—but eat those dishes in moderation with plenty of vegetables on the side and I say tuck in and enjoy!  A bit of Braised Short Ribs tonight (with the fat skimmed off, of course), will make you much happier eating that lean Grilled Chicken Breast tomorrow! *smile*

So you call that a theatre review?

There are plenty of reviews out there—plenty of people who are willing to pick apart the performances and the direction and the motivation….so I figure, that’s covered.  What I’m giving you is what I would say if a friend asked me if they should see the show.  And though I have *very* definite opinions on, well, everything—including the shows I see—I also appreciate that everyone’s taste is not the same…..so I’ll share my impressions, but in a way that leaves it up to you to decide if it’s for you or not.