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March 19, 2008

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Take a look at this box—this looks like a box that has travelled far, been through a lot, and has a great story to tell. Doesn’t it? I couldn’t wait to open it!

See those little birds on the side? This was a Nestle box…and I wondered if it held a clue to what was inside….and it did!

Lots and lots of beautiful Nestle Easter Eggs of all different flavors…yum, yum! Along with whole passel of Nestle Chocolate wreaths with “surprise” PowerPuff Girls stickers inside. But there was even more–a Nestle Alpino Chocolate bar, and the candy I’m most anxious to try–the Talento Intense Amendoas—Dark Chocolate (55% cocoa) with Almonds—one of my all-time favorite combinations. It looks incredible!

All these goodies were sent to me from the very sweet Camila….all the way from Brazil! See, I *knew* that box had been on an adventure before it reached my ever-so-grateful doorstep! *smile* Camila was such a sweetie and wrote me the loveliest note, and explained that there were so many custom regulations limiting what she could send to me, she went with only her very favorites—obviously chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Hmmm…seems like Camila and I would get along very well…*smile*

Along with all the chocolate treats, she sent me a recipe and the ingredients (condensed milk–Nestle brand, surprise, surprise!, colorful sprinkles, even the adorable little petit four cups) for Brigadeiro, and here I quote her note: “….for you to be mad about it as we are.” I’ll admit I had never heard of Brigadeiro before, but now that I’ve read through the recipe, it’s seems it will be rather truffle-like…so I can’t wait! They sound like the kind of thing I won’t be able to stop eating once I start…so I’m going to wait until my next dinner party to make them—that way I’ll be forced to share. Once I make them, I’ll be sure to post and share the recipe with you all.

Another fantastic round of Blogging By Mail—thank you so much to Stephanie of Dispensing Happiness for all her hard work in putting this together…and of course a HUGE thank you to the lovely Camila for my box full of treats from so far away…xoxo!

And Camila, you didn’t include your blog name or email in your package, so I hope you read this and let me know how I can get in touch to thank you personally, either in the comments, or by emailing me at flavorjunkie[at]gmail[dot]com.

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