The thing I am most thankful for at Thanksgiving?

November 24, 2007

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That all those delicious holiday foods and special ingredients will be on sale the day after! (Ok, maybe not the thing I am *most* thankful for (!)….but it does make me a pretty happy girl/cook, I must say!)

I so look forward to heading to my parent’s local grocery store and scooping up as many deals as I possibly can and get a jump on all that Christmas season cooking and baking. This year’s best score: Baskets full of large, snowy white stuffing mushrooms—priced at $7.99 pre-holiday—were on sale for $1.99 each! There was a limit of four…so guess how many I bought? *smile*

I’ve trimmed and wiped and par-baked the caps (a great way to keep some of that mushroom juice out of your stuffing!) to go about the stuffing. I’m going to make tons of my ‘benchmark’ Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms…but am planning to do a slightly lighter, vegetarian-friendly version as well. This way I’ll have dozens of appetizers just sitting in the freezer, all ready to go–both for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day…and for any other gatherings that may pop up in the meantime.

I’ll try and take a few pictures as I’m doing them tonight and post later on. Though come to think of it…..I wonder how attractive a picture that could be. Hmmmm…I guess I’ll find out soon enough……

Hope your Thanksgiving (and post holiday shopping) was a great as mine was this year! *smile*

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