"Snow Day" in July

July 19, 2007

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Due to the awful explosion in midtown (thank goodness so few people were injured!), I have an unexpected day off today. I promptly called The Suz to rub in the fact that I, in fact, have a “snow day” today…but that she still has to go to work! [ I only did this because she *loves* to call me and tell me when she gets a day off due to the snowy New England weather….]

So now….how to spend an unexpected day to myself….

Why, cooking and baking and running around town to pick up the rest of the goodies for my Blogging By Mail “My Favorite Things” package of course!

I’m not giving anything away just yet…but I will be heading to Midtown East and to Chelsea and to the Lower East Side in my quest for things to include…..more hints to come!

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