No Bikinis…..

August 28, 2006

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Ok. It was the last weekend of August…and it was 67 degrees (tops), cold and rainy here in the big city.

Um…how is that fair?

I should’ve spent the weekend frying myself on a beach (and yes, I am such pale, pale white girl, that “frying” is my only option when exposed to the sun….despit any amount of spf!), eating warm Doritos and sneaking out from under the umbrella and towels to head up to the Shack for greasy burgers and iced Cokes. But no. No Bikinis or Umbrellas or Beach Volleyball for me this past weekend. *Sigh*

Instead, I chanelled my inner “fall” cook. I spent tons and tons of time creating all rather fall-like dishes. It was fun, so I really shouldn’t complain—but I think Mother Nature owes me a really hot weekend this fall to make up for it. Fair’s fair, no?

Here’s what I made this weekend:

Chicken Stock….which I then used in my
Pork Meatballs (for Ragu, one of my Memère’s recipes)
Sausage, Swiss Chard and Lentil Soup
Cardamom Cookies
Braised Eggplant
Cinnamon Coconut Bread
Tomato Sauce (a large pot, as I plan to make Eggplant Rollatini later this week)
Apple-Cinnamon Scones
Onion-Arugala-Tomato Frittata
Mushroom Pie

And for dinner Saturday night:

Broiled Porterhouse Steaks with a spicy dry rub (Thank you, Victor!) Yes, Broiled–for I am an apartment dwelling city gal, so I have no gill, even in good weather!
Potatoes au Gratin
Sauteed Zucchini with Onions

It’s not quite a warm Dorito…..but it did in a rainy pinch!

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