It’s a "Me" Day…

September 1, 2006

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Kurt (my fabulous boss) gave us the day off today—got to love that man!—so I decided, for once, to take a me day. Sleep in a bit. Enjoy some coffee. Read while I sip. Spend some time writing. Do a bit of singing. Go to the gym. Finally begin to put some order to the chaos that is my room. Cook a bit–but not in my usual frenzy—just a thing or two, and only if I feel like it. Take a walk. Catch up with some friends. See my friend’s band at CBGB’s tonight.

Ok, reading back over all that, it’s pretty much what I do on a non-“me” day! But I guess the difference comes in my attitude towards it. I’m only doing what I feel like…and at a much less aggressive, much less ‘I-must-multi-task-at-all-times-or-I’m-not-doing-enough’…way! Hmmm…I wonder if I can actually pull it off? *smile*

I’m just about to begin reading a book that I’m very excited about: “The Whole World Over” by Julia Glass. I believe this is only her second novel. Her first, “Three Junes”–is something I read earlier this year–and it may be one of my favorite books of all time. There’s something exciting about having a big, fat (this is in fact longer than her previous novel–even more to love!) new hardcover that I’ve yet to dive into.

It’s as if I’m standing at the top rung of the high diving board, looking down at the glimmering water below. There’s the anticipation of how exciting the arc of the dive will be…yet you know that once you take that first step, you’re on the path to this great experience coming to an end. And it’s an experience you can never repeat. Sure, you can take another dive–and it could be better, worse or just as good..but it will still be different. With reading a book–you can, of course, read it over and over again…you may find new levels of meaning and make new discoveries with each read…but you can never recapture the wonder of discovery you had the first time. In it’s own little way, it is like a loss of innocence. There is something (hopefully something wonderful) to be gained from the loss…but the loss is worthy of a pause….makes me appreciate what I find when I do begin, and reminds me to enjoy the experience as much as I should.

If I do get around to baking today, I’ll be making my famous (ok, obviously famous is a relative term!) “Whoopie Pies”. This recipe comes from way back in my Papa’s family—and to my way of thinking, they are just a little bit of heaven. ‘What is a Whoopie Pie?’ you may be asking right about now…..Two chocolate cake circles filled with a delicious marshmallow cream filling. And in true turn-of-the-century-fashion, each pie is twisted into it’s own wax-paper holder to keep all that moist goodness together. It is like having a glorious chocolate pillow fill up your mouth when you bite into one. So moist and delicious and down-right chocolaty….people have been known to fill their pockets up with them before they leave. Good thing those wax paper sleeves are so ‘on-the-go’ convenient!

Ok, I’m off to refill my cup of coffee (I’m using my favorite “Pepe LePew” mug this morning), make some calls, and get on with some of my other languid activities of the day. I’ll keep you posted on the Whoopie Pies!

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