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December 4, 2006

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This is a picture of all my goodies, wrapped and waiting to be boxed up and shipped out to Jo T-C of the great blog: Have Fork Will Travel (this was supposed to remain a suprise, but since I’m posting so tardily, I can put all the info and links in now….score one for late-side posting! *smile*) as my part of the latest round of Blogging By Mail (BBM), headed up by the very energetic Stephanie of Dispensing Happiness.

It was so much fun reading Jo’s blog, getting a sense of her tastes, and then figuring out what to send her. And the morning I spent wrapping all the treats and writing up the accompanying note was one of my best of the holiday season!

Full to the Brim!
I even had to leave some things out because I ran out of room…!

Since I’m posting this long after she had received the box of goodies, I’ll refer you to her postso you can read about the contents. But there was one thing I desperately wanted to send her and just couldn’t lay my hands on in time: Sixlets. (If you read her posts on Smarties: here and here, you’ll see why…and don’t worry–I sent her some good-old-American Smarties, just so she’d know what we Americans are talking about when we talk Smarties…) Does anyone out there remember these little chocolate covered balls? Or know where I can get my hands on some in the NYC area (other than ordering them online)? And yes, I did try Economy Candy, the candy mecca, but they were out as well….so any suggestions ,or sources, or sightings would be greatly appreciated!

And if you’d like to read some more about who-else-sent-what-to-whom, the round-up can be found here.

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