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April 16, 2012

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Today was one of those first-gorgeously-warm – we’re talking 85 degrees in the middle of April! – days of Spring that clouds your thoughts so that you can only think of Drinks on Patios and the delicious aroma of a grilled burger as you raise it up to your lips…..makes you feel like summer is just around the corner.  I got the first yen satisfied with many $4 frozen Margaritas (thank you Hell’s Kitchen – I love my neighborhood)  – and then once I made it home, my thought turned right to the burger.  I decided to call this place I’ve had my eye on – Island Burgers and Shakes – and it turned out to be *just* the thing. 

Holy cow what a good burger!!!!  And the fries?  The menu says”Now Serving Fries – worth the 15 year wait” – and now that I’ve tried them – that they are!  The big and crispy – that kind of crispy that seems like it has little flakes of extra crispy stuff clinging to the outsides.  The burger was big and extremely juicy and cooked exactly to order – medium rare – beautifully red but warm all the way through.  Cheese melted. Nice big hearty slice of tomato, red onion, nice green leaf lettuce, 4 good-looking pickle slices….asked for the optional caramelized onions, good helping of that.  Big sesame seed bun – the burger is so juicy, next time I’ll ask for the bun on the side and put it together just as I am about to eat it.  Perfectly cooked – Medium Rare – beautiful deep, red in the center, but warm all the way through.  The fries were the perfect amount to be a ‘side’ and the price was the perfect match $3.75.  I hate it when a side of fries is 6 or 7 bucks – so this price point made me happy.  And they really were “worth the wait”!

It was the perfect burger-on-the-grill kind of day and ordering from Island Burger and Shakes turned out to be the perfect choice.  You know, since I didn’t have anyone grilling up burgers in my non-existent backyard and all….*smile*

Island Burger and Shakes
766 Ninth Avenue
b/w 51st & 52nd Sts.
Tel: 212-307-7934
Delivery Hours 12pm – 12am


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