My Stinkin’ T-Shirt Present

August 21, 2010

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You know that classic t-shirt slogan:  My [Fill-in-the-Blank] went to [Fill-in-the-Blank] and all I got was this Stinkin’ T-Shirt….?

Well this was my “Stinkin’ T-Shirt” from when my friend Cydney went to Paris:

Cake Server from Paris

Pretty Pink Cake Server from Paris

And what a beauty it is!

This picture doesn’t do it justice—-my Pretty Pink Parisian Cake Server is a sparkling, almost-iridescent pink…that makes you want to be sippin’ a Cosmo with one hand while serving your guests the sheikest-ever slice of cake with the other.

Cydney–she of the impeccable taste, elegant hands (yes, there’s a story there! *smile*) and her penchant for all wines bubbly– picked this up in an un-named (read: un-remembered) shop while on holiday this summer.  Talk about someone who knows me!  Not only do I not wear t-shirts (ok, I wear them to the gym, but trust me, I’ve collected enough cast-offs and freebies over the years that I’m all set between now and when I break a hip.  More than set.)…but something pink and fun and food related and with a design so beautiful I’m already trying to figure out how to mount it in the kitchen (perhaps in an open, deep-set box frame with just a couple of angled nails to keep it upright) so that we can enjoy it’s beauty between servings.  This little baby is much too pretty to be kept in a drawer or shoved in a jar among the scuffed up wooden spoons and spatulas.

And having it hanging there, pinkly reflecting the lights in my kitchen as I cook, bake, roll out pasta dough….will remind me to a) book my next trip to Paris (woefully long overdue!) and b) to invite more people over for cake-and-coffee in the afternoons….. so I’ll have more chances to take it out of the frame and use it! *smile*

I’m going to get Carolyn to work on getting a better picture of it up here so you can all see just how fun and beautiful it is.  And I’m also going to try helping Cydney’s memory along (don’t you want the name/address of this shop? I do!)…with Cosmos and Cake, of course!

Hmmmm….Considering it’s Cydney–make that *Champagne* Cosmos and Cake!

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