The Most Beautiful Tomatoes Ever…

September 13, 2009

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Are these Vintage Wine Striped Tomatoes I found at the Union Square Greenmarket. I mean, look at that big, rippled beauty on the left! Even if I didn’t eat tomatoes (which of course I do, in abundance!) I would’ve bought it on aesthetics alone…

(and those little deep red plums on the left are a few San Marzano)

These Wine Stiped were so tiny (I should have put something in the picture to help you get an idea of their size–bigger than a cherry tomato, but smaller than a regular tomato), I used them as a two-bite amuse-bouche. I carefully cut off the tops and put a little ball of herbed goat cheese inside, mounding it on top a bit as well, so that the cap would rest on it at a rakish angle. [Next time I’ll remember to take a picture before it’s too late!]

Their shape was reminicent of a pumpkin, which was my favorite part. To my way of thinking, a tomato in the shape of a pumpkin seemed the perfect way to announce the coming of fall with late-summer bounty. When the table was set, they looked so beautiful resting on the center of each plate, a hint of what was to come with the rest of the meal.

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