The Ever-so-Slightly Dirty Goose Martini

October 22, 2008

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This is what Joe was drinking tonight. Joe feels it’s important to put the ‘ever-so-slightly‘ in front of ‘dirty‘. He says it makes *all* the difference in the world. And not just in that one phrase.

It’s also highly important when he refers to himself (with a wink) as a “slightly dirty old man”. “When I say I’m a ‘slightly dirty old man’ it gives me character…but without it? Hmmpf! Call me just plain ‘dirty old man’, then I can’t kiss my favorite customers no more!”

Dirty Goose, indeed! *smile*

Joe is the manager of one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants, Flor de Mayo. They have two locations on the UWS, though the slightly dirty old man is generally at the Broadway location.

Some of my favorite dishes:

Pollo a La Brasa — Peruvian Spit-Roasted Chicken, served with either rice and beans or “house special fried rice’—either way, delicious!
Broiled Pork Chops — Ordering this will add about 20 minutes onto your total dining time–but is it worth it! Two huge chops broiled until sizzling with a delectable garlic jus…yum!
Lomo Saltado — or “The Glory of French Fries Served Atop a Bed of Rice”…with some Beef, Tomato and Onion thrown in for good measure!
Papas Arequipena— Sliced Potatoes and Egg Topped with Spicy Dressing — a fabulously flavorful appetizer.

Fun, flavorful and very inexpensive…worth the trip uptown for sure! And if you’re up for a kiss, just ask Joe what he’s drinking….

He may even share! *smile*

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