The Delicious Art of Compromise

November 18, 2008

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You feel like Coconut Custard Pie. He doesn’t like pie. What to do?

Make just the filling, call it simply Coconut Custard and voilĂ –you are both happy! (And he has no idea how close he has come to eating pie….)

I just took my favorite filling recipe, split it into four custard boats, and cooked it in the oven in a water bath. It took a bit longer than set than I thought (about 27 minutes), but it came out wonderfully. I let them cool for a bit on the counter, then refrigerated for a few hours before serving. The water bath cooked it so gently the custard was nicely chewy on top (from the coconut) and deliciously creamy underneath.

Slightly different in texture from the pie version, but still the delicious taste I had been craving.

And the man? Perfectly happy with his mouth full of “not-pie”!

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