Roasted Chicken, Ramps and Potatoes

June 1, 2008

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This is the *perfect* ramp meal. To my mind, absolutely perfect. Nothing too fancy, nothing to get in the way or overpower any of the individual flavors, but each part, each ingredient, each step just all adds together to make this one of the most delicious meals you will ever have. And a complete one at that, since you serve the ramps along with the chicken and potatoes, so your veg is taken care of.

I found this on epicurious a few years back while looking for new ideas/recipes for ramps, and from the first time I made it, it jumped right to the number one position on the hit parade. In fact, on that glorious day each spring when first I find ramps in the farmer’s market, rather than making the calls saying “ramps are back!”, I make calls saying “Chicken with Ramps tonight!”….and trust me, anyone on that call list cancels all previous engagments, skips lunch and shows up ready to eat their weight at my place that night. Yes, it’s just that delicious. (And yes, I do have to at least triple the recipe the first night to feed that crowd! *smile*)

I follow the recipe just as I found it, so I’ll link to it here. And, one word of advice: don’t skip the step of cooking the greens in the sauce. It says to only do it for a minute or two until wilted, so I can understand thinking you could skip it and steam or sautee the greens earlier just to get them wilted, etc…..but don’t! It adds so much to the flavor of the sauce, and the flavor of the greens for that matter, you’d be left thinking, “This is good, but plans-cancelling good? Hmmm, not so sure….” But *with* that finishing touch, you would not only be ready to make it again that next night, you’d also be emailing me to get in on my first-night-call-list….! *smile*

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