My First Brioche!

January 16, 2008

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As you can see, Santa did not bring me a new digital camera this Christmas…*smile*

But I did get something fabulous—-Brioche molds! One large and four small ones….and are they beautiful!

My fantastic friend, Becca, gave them to me. She is my best friend from college. We were both acting majors and did our first scene together first semester Freshman year….and from that moment on we’ve been having nothing but one adventure after another. I love it that she knows me so, so well—it keeps me on my toes—she knows where all the bodies are buried… *smile*

So back to Christmas, Becca and her family come by to spend the afternoon with us at my parents house, as they do every year….and when it gets to present opening time, I’m as excited as the schoolgirl I used to be, for Becca hands me a beautiful bag filled with Jujyfruits (a long standing tradition between us), Paper Baking Molds and the majesterial Brioche Molds…..and as I pull each one out, I get more and more excited, saying how much I love them, how perfect they are, I can’t believe she got these for me, it’s unbelievable how perfect they are…..and when I pause for just moment–most likely to catch my breath from all the screeching I was doing—Becca leans back in her chair, her hands clasped together with one elbow hooked over the back of the chair, and in a low, even voice says:

“You seem awfully excited for a girl who gave me a list.”

And everyone stopped their individual conversations and started to laugh……even me!

Oh my gosh! I had–I had given her a list–and completly forgotten! A few months before Christmas she slipped the “So what do you want for Christmas this year” question into an email chock-full of other things…and I had listed a few of my wish-list items into the rest of the answers…..and though I had completely put it out of my mind, here they were–my food geek desires–sitting in front of me….and they were beautiful and I was just that gloriously happy! And everyone got a good laugh out of it……and later on some delicious brioche….so I think Becca made us all happy with my wonderful gifts. *smile*

For my first batch, I used the recipe Nic had posted on Baking Bites. It worked just as she said it would…though as you can see, my shaping could use a bit more work. (I let the dough get a bit too warm before shaping.) But I was shaping and baking this as a New Year’s morning treat (having made the dough the day before) so I was tired and hurrying it along a bit so I could crawl back into bed while it rose…

I made the large loaf plain and tucked chunks of dark chocolate in the small ones….and it was soft and fragrant and delicious both ways.

I’ve decided to ask Becca to get me some more small ones for my birthday, because they are just the right size–both for eating and freezing.

And this time, though I won’t be surprised to see the pans in my gift bag–I’ll be just as excited as I was at Christmas!

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