Kale with “Rookworst”

January 22, 2008

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My wonderful Dutch neighbors had me to dinner and served me this traditional Dutch dish. Basically mashed potatoes with kale, served with sliced sausage on the side…it really ends up being more than such a description would imply.

Since relocating to NYC, they have been having trouble finding many of the ingredients that make up the building blocks of Dutch cuisine. This was true for them today—they couldn’t find the called-for sausage, so they swapped in Kielbasa….and while not traditional, they said it worked. Though I didn’t know what to compare it to, for my non-Dutch-educated palate, I can say the kielbasa was just delicious with the mashed potato and veg!

Kale with “Rookworst”
(Boerenkool met Rookworst)

600 g finely diced kale
1 kg potatoes
1 fresh smoked Dutch sausage (“rookworst”) (can substitute kielbasa)
approx. 1 1/2 dl milk (2/3 cup)
35 g butter
1 Tbsp. “Zaanse” mustard

Pre-cook the kale 10 minutes with a little water.

Peel the poataoes and put them in a large pan.

Add the kale and place the sausage on top.

Cook approx. 30 minutes till done.

Remove the sausage from the pan and pour off the cooking liquid.

Mash the kale and potatoes with milk, butter, mustard and season with salt.

Slice the sausage and serve with the hotchpotch.

From Dutch Cuisine by Helene Matze

I must say–I love the word ‘hotchpotch’. I think I’ll be using that fairly often from now on…such a cute word! *smile*

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