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February 25, 2008

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I was reading through some of the wonderful posts on Farmgirl Fare and suddenly I started to drool. Just a little. In my mouth. But seriously–drool! And here’s why:

Blueberry Breakfast Bars.

Ok, just the words might not do it for you–but go and look at her gorgeous photo and you’ll see why my mouth began to water. If you love blueberries, that is. And if you don’t, well…seriously consider making a batch for someone in your life who does. Even if you don’t eat them, the reaction you get will make you happy that you did.

And then I made a batch–and my oh my!– they lived up to my mouth-watering dreams….they are like the best of blueberry pie combined with the best of oat-topped blueberry cobbler….and it all fits in your hand. Sigh….just heavenly!

Aside from the taste my favorite part is that the juices from the berries get soaked into the bottom and top layers, so that you can take the treat to go, eat on the run, and not be afraid that you’ll ruin whatever you might be wearing that day…….(this from a girl who’s ruined more than one sweater to a juicy slice of blueberry pie….)

I have no picture of the ones I made as I took a bit of my own advice, and made the batch for my parents….I managed to eat a one or two, mind you….but none came back for a photo with me. But my next batch is right around the corner…..*smile*

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