Devil Dog Cake

February 4, 2008

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Now even with my lame photography skills, that cake is pretty, no?

I just had foot surgery–Again!—Ouch!—and while waiting my turn in the reception area of the hospital (at 7am) I was taken in by a magazine cover. I don’t remember which publication it was: Good Housekeeping? Ladies Home Journal? Southern Living?–but on the cover was a picture of a magnificent Chocolate Layer Cake. Maybe magnificent paints the wrong picture for you all, because this wasn’t some fancy, chocolate-curls-and-dragees-on-top kind of cake….it was a tall, proud 9-inch 2-layer dark chocolate cake with white icing that your mom or grandma would’ve baked for you. It looked delicious!

I had just enough time before they called me in to quickly flip through the magazine to see what kind of cake/frosting it was….the recipe was Chocolate Layer Cake with White Chocolate Frosting. Mmmmm! As I am very partial to the chocolate cake/white icing combo…and newly enamored with using white chocolate in dessert, I wanted a piece right then and there! But they called my name, and by the time the surgery was over, there were more pressing things on my mind than remembering to get the recipe–or at least the name of the magazine–before I left. *Sigh*…..

Later that same day, I’m back home, firmly entrenched on the couch, resting, about to begin my long, one-footed recovery (*smile*), and I’m reading February’s Gourmet….and they had a delicious-looking picture of a chocolate cake with white icing! Not anything like the one I had seen earlier, mind you…but when I saw that it was called Devil Dog Cake–and the frosting was Marshmallow–I was all for making it RIGHT NOW!

But how? Here I am, all alone, with one foot in a cast…..but then I read the recipe…it’s a one-pan cake, so that’s pretty simple…and it even says it improves with flavor if you make the cake a day ahead….and the truth is, the pain in my foot hadn’t started, as the numbing hadn’t worn off yet…so I thought—if I do it in stages, spacing it out over a few hours so I’m not standing too long at any one time, I *should* be able to get the cake done. And I did! And I was rewarded with the most delightfully chocolately smell for the rest of the afternoon as I lay on the couch…so well worth it!

The frosting was another matter. Since 1) it wouldn’t be made until the next day (the pain would surely have hit by then); and 2) it needs to be beaten on top of a water bath (not the thing for a girl to be doing while balanced on one foot) I knew I would have to recruit Carolyn for frosting duty. So much to her shock, Carolyn was charged with making homemade frosting for the first –and probably, only–time in her life. And she didn’t even get annoyed with me as I shouted helpful critiques/suggestions from the couch! *smile* But even she agreed it was worth it–the cake was deeply, metallically chocolatey–and the frosting was divine–delicious and light and not “too-sweet” as so many frostings are—a good reward for all her effort.

As much as we enjoyed the cake, personally I have many other one-layer chocolate cakes that I like more, so I would probably not make the cake again…but the frosting? Most definitely! As I said, it was light and flavorful and not too sweet….and though the outside layer of frosting does ‘firm up’, it’s not unpleasant to eat–even on day 3 or 4–(I know can you believe it lasted that long? I must’ve been feeling poorly! *smile*)–and the frosting underneath remains fluffy all the while.

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