Back to the Greenmarket!

April 18, 2008

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It was beautifully sunny and *very* warm outside–not hot, but snake-on-a-rock warm. You can feel it heating you up from the inside out. There were many, many people at the greenmarket. Not just the foodie types like me–but people desperate to escape their metal boxes for a bit and have a walk-about somewhere full of spring.

None of what I *really* wanted was on offer yet: no green garlic, fiddlehead ferns, wild dandelions, fava beans, pencil aspargus, squash blossoms, or ramps *sigh*….but I did manage to pick up a large bunch of garlic chives, delicately green and quite fragrant, and a healthy bunch of wild mustard greens that I plan to sautee and dress lightly with olive oil, sea salt and a squeeze or two of fresh lemon juice. Bought a tiny, oblong tub of lightly salted fresh chevre, from my usual chevre lady (Patches of Star Dairy from PA)….and a wedge of creamy white colby cheese from a new dairy famer (Millport Dairy from PA)–he had samples out and it tasted young and creamy, but full bodied enough that you want to savor it between your tongue and the roof of your mouth.

I’m blaming the creaminess of that colby (or maybe it was just my excitement to be back at the Greenmarket after an almost 6-month absence) that I bought a bag of broken pretzels to munch on while I shopped. Martin’s Pretzels is a Greenmarket mainstay, so it felt like the perfect back-at-the-market thing to do. The crunch and the bite of the coarse salt was the perfect foil to that bit of colby I had, and helped curb my hunger, since I was there before lunch.

Had no plans to buy bread…but once I saw my favorite bread baker (Our Daily Bread) and the abundance of loaves on display…I started thinking that I would probably not have time to bake my own this weekend anyway, so I may as well take advantage with it right there, beckoning me. I limited myself to just one loaf, my favoritem their Rustic Italian…and it smelled so good, once I got back to the office I lopped off the end (corner, for you Greeks in the room) and spread it with a bit of the chevre for Kurt….and the next slice, with a bit of mayonaise for me. (Yes, this is one of my dirty little secrets–I love really soft, fresh, good bread with a light smear of mayo. Homemade preferrably, but Hellman’s tastes great too!) to go along with our lunches. It was simply delicious.

So glad to be back……*smile*

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