My Family’s Fruitcake

December 22, 2007

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Such a world apart from a cake imbedded with soaked fruits, our family’s traditional Christmas fruitcake is really a dense loaf of whole dates, marashino cherries and whole nuts barely held together by an egg mixture.
The most striking memory I have about making this treat each Christmas, is each of us taking turns cracking the nuts—back in the days that already shelled nuts would be prohibitively expensive. It was a long, hard, hand-hurting job–made more so by our aim to keep the nut meats as intact as possible. Luckily most of this work was charged to the men of the house…but I still remember the redness in my palms when my turn was done.
As soon as I can lay my hands on the recipe (what have I done with it?!) I’ll post it so you can see just how little “cake” there is.
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