Jury Duty’s Cheap Delights

February 26, 2007

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Being selected to serve on my first jury—and as the foreman, no less!–gave me the opportunity—since the court house is *right-there*–to try a couple of the really cheap dumpling places in Chinatown. You know, the kind of places that advertise 5-dumplings-for-a-dollar, but look so small and downright dingy that you are intrigued and repelled at the same time.

Whenever I make it to Chinatown I pass these by in favor of some of the favorites: New Green Bo, Joe’s Shanghai, Excellent Pork Chop House, or to try somewhere new—a somewhere with a much fuller menu and a much more inviting space to sit and enjoy a meal! But it was fun to have a few days in a row to try some of the cheaper and dingier delights. Here are my thoughts:

Tasty Dumpling
54 Mulberry Street
New York, NY 10013

Chives & Pork Fried Dumplings–5 for $1.00

Pancake with Beef — $1.75 A large pie-shaped wedge of sesame focaccia, brushed with a vinegary hot sauce, shredded carrots, chopped cilantro and small circles of spiced beef. The dough is tender, if a bit greasy, and the meat may be more gristle than flesh…but none of that matters. It all comes together so perfectly in your mouth, it’s a bargain–and a tasty one at that. No matter how much of it you ended up hiding in your napkin! *smile*

Fried Dumpling
106 Mosco Street
New York, NY 10013

Fried Pork Dumplings 5 for $1.00
Fried Pork Buns 4 for $1.00
Chunkier filling strewed with spinach. I preferred this dough to the one at Tasty Dumpling, but I preferred Tasty’s filling.

Each place is worth a stop—particularly if you’re just looking for quick snack as opposed to a sit-down meal. I mean, if you enjoy dumplings, how wrong can you go at 5-for-a-buck?

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