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November 29, 2007

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I don’t know if it’s me, my crazy life, or my tiny, almost-counter-free kitchen….but things that I would just knock out at my folks house (with that wrap around island and kitchen table that seats 12) take me days. And I usually doing it by breaking up the tasks into separate days.

Just take those beautiful stuffing mushrooms (of which so many were bought, I had to rotate things in and out of the fridge as everything wouldn’t fit at once! *smile*):

Day One: Clean and de-stem.

Day Two: Par-bake the caps (20 minutes at 400 degrees)–both to get rid of some of the mushroom water AND to make more room in the fridge *smile*

Day Three: Make two different fillings–but only half way (basically, cooking the parts that needed to be sauteed, etc., but not yet adding in the egg and breadcrumbs, etc.)

Day Four: (which will hopefully be tonight) Finish the stuffings, stuff the mushrooms, and pack them into containers for the freezer.


In my head, I refer to this as component cooking—and I usually regard it as a smart and reasonable way to accomplish what I want to do in the face of my NYC time and kitchen restraints…..but for some reason, this batch of done-in-NYC-mushrooms taking the better part of a week–when the same batch done in CT would take half a day…well, it just makes me wonder…….

But head scratching aside, once I begin to pull these babies out of the freezer and having a great made-ahead-nibble to serve friends and family all through the season, I’m sure I’ll feel it was all worth it—better part of a week or not!

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