The Green Table at Chlesea Market

November 29, 2006

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This is a picture of the lovely lunch I had at The Green Table. The Green Table is a little cozy nook carved out of the ‘foodie mall’ that is Chelsea Market.

There’s not much in the way of choice, but what there is–particularly the Chicken Pot Pie (pictured above)– is light, lovely and oh-so-fresh. And despite the menu’s short stature, there are vegetarian and vegan choices, so it’s good to keep in mind for times when you need that covered. (My vegetarian dining companion had the wild mushroom pot pie and said it was fantastic.) And the lightly dressed baby lettuce salad (which seems to come along side just about everything) rounds out the meal, while still keeping it light. Very nice! My drink was the Infusion of the Day–A Spicy Pear Fizz. It was cool and refreshing, yet the spices gave it just the right “autumn” note, without making it too heavy.

If you find yourself anywhere nearby (75 9th Ave., b/w 15th & 16th Streets) and want something light, yet still quite statisfying, do check it out.

And take the time to stroll through the rest of the market while you’re there–you should find plenty to temp you—Goodness knows I always do! *smile*

The Autumn Display at Chelsea Market with flash:

and without:

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