Made it to the Greenmarket…

August 27, 2006

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[Please forgive the lack of accompanying pictures….but I’m just so anxious start, I don’t want to wait until I’m camera ready. I promise to add visuals as soon as I can!]

I went down to the Greenmarket at Union Square Friday afternoon. I had hoped to go, but when the day turned out to be one of those cool, gray, rainy, seems-like-a-school-day-in-October kind of days, I wasn’t sure I’d make it down there.

But when I left the office around 1pm the rain had pulled back to a sprinkle, so I took that as my cue to hop the 4/5 train down to Union Square. And of course, I’m so glad I did! The summer bounty is at it’s peak—stalls overflowing with color…tempting me to buy much, much more than I could possibly carry.

I saw seven varieties of summer squash—made me wish TG were here so that I would have an excuse to buy them all (he loves his squash!)—my favorite being a long slender bi-color beauty, the “Zephyr”: a beautiful pale yellow, with a deep green stem, and a bottom that looked as though it had been dipped into grass-green paint. I resisted though, as I already have a dozen small zucchini waiting for me at home. *Sigh* Ahh, such problems!

Here’s what I did buy:

Plum tomatoes—these were *gorgeous*! A deep, dark red and still very firm…I must’ve bought a dozen and a half…and that was me controlling myself!

Beefsteak tomatoes—in red and yellow and orange. These aren’t quite heirloom–but they are natural beauties that remind me of the tomatoes in my Grandpa’s garden—it’s their uniqueness that makes them beautiful.

Red Peppers—Medium size little beauties ranging in color from sunset to fire engine to almost blood orange.

Green Beans–Beautifully slender beans–no bumpy nuggets inside these babies. The kind that call out for just a brief steaming—then eaten simply with butter and sea salt.

Swiss Chard–Huge beautiful leaves tied with twine into bunches. Lately Carolyn (my roommate) and I have been loving this green when I prepare it as my Grandmother Zuna did: sauteed in olive oil with salt, pepper and garlic…then add eggs, scrambling until lightly set. One bite, and I am back in 1976, sitting at the formica kitchen table, being served by a diminutive Italian woman in a polyester housedress.

Salvia—not the herb this time, but a delightful bunch of flowers—purple and while spires surrounded by lush greenery on their woody stems. This comes from my favorite flower vendor: River Farms. All of their flowers look like wild-flowers—that beautiful simplicity of the bygone years. I try and reward myself with a new bunch each time I’m there—they are just so beautiful and inspiring to have sitting on my desk all week.

I didn’t hold off very long before starting in on my haul—as soon as I got back to the office, I promptly made myself a tomato sandwich with one of the red beefsteaks. It may have been gray and fall-like outside, but that tomato made it feel like summer inside. Perfectly, simply delicious.

I’ll keep you posted as I work my way through the rest of the score. Hmmm….Anyone have a suggestion for the peppers?

And yes, the beautiful Salvia is right here next to me as I write. I think it’s doing it’s job well!

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