It was the Hammer, not me!

September 6, 2006

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I’ve been making Whoopie Pies practically since I was born. So imagine my surprise when they failed—twice in a row! I made a batch on Friday–a double batch in fact, since there is no such thing as “enough” Whoopie Pies…..and they came out flat. Tasted good, but not the cakey pillows they were supposed to be. Hmmmm….What happened? To be honest… I *had* been talking on the phone while making them, and even had someone stop by during the crucial measuring and mixing stages….maybe I just lost count or left out an ingredient. I had made them for TG, but as this would be his first Whoopie Pie experience, these just wouldn’t do–I couldn’t give him one that wasn’t up to snuff. Luckily, I was visiting my family for the weekend, and as my Mama said: “They’re not quite Whoopie Pies, but they’re certainly worth eating!” so finding takers for the double batch was easy.

Back in the city on Monday, I try again. A *single* batch this time, making sure to be completely focused on the task at hand–no phone calls, no talking with Carolyn–not even music on in the background. Just me and my batter. I took my time. Whipped the eggs and sugar and egg for an extra-long time, turning it into my fluffiest whoppie pie batter ever. It looked good! Creamy and fluffy and had a great sheen to it—looked better than Friday’s batter to be sure. I felt confident–I was back!

I assemble my trays and begin to bake them off. And….as I made these mini-size (Friday’s I had made the larger “hand-pie” size)–they came out even *flatter* than the first batch! Take a look:

I couldn’t imagine what could have happened….so in my rather flustered state, I do what anyone would do–I call my Mama, to see if she can solve the mystery for me. And as always–she came through! She said since they tasted fine, it had to be my leavening: either the egg or the baking soda. Of course! I should have been able to think of this on my own, but it was just such a shock to have an old stand-by fail, I couldn’t even begin to think in those nuts-and-bolts terms, thank goodness for Mama!

I knew it wasn’t my eggs (they were farm-fresh, extra-large and beautiful) , so I pulled out that orange box of Arm-and-Hammer, flipped it over, and yes, there it was! The expiration date was July 4, 2006. The Hammer had lost it’s oomph! I’m just glad it was the Hammer and not me who had lost it! *smile*

They little deflated rounds still tasted delectable…so in keeping with my Mama’s “they’re still worth eating” mantra, I simply filled them with the creamy marshmallow filling and served them as my new “Soft and Chewy Chocolate Sandwich Cookie”. With only Carolyn, my Mama and I any the wiser….

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