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October 24, 2006

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Here is another amazing treat from Nic at Bakingsheet. Boy does that woman know her stuff! And you get a peek at my spooky-fun Halloween tablecloth in the picture above, to boot….I am all about seasonal decorations!

A few nights ago, I hosted an impromptu dinner party. It was one of those nights where my going-out plans had fallen through, I had some food in the fridge that wanted cooking, so I thought “Why not call a few friends and have a casual dinner party?” After a quick round of late-afternoon calls, the guests were lined up to arrive at 7:30. I had some cheeses and cured meats to offer as an appetizer, so that would leave me enough time to get home from work and put together the soup and main courses. And if anyone wanted dessert, I’d just pull out the tray of truffles I had in the fridge. This *was* impromptu, after all!

At about 7:25, just as I’m elbow-deep into pureeing the Winter Squash Soup for the first course, the guests call to say things were running behind at the studio (yes, they’re musicians and were recording that day) and that they wouldn’t make it to my place until closer to 8:30. Was that all right? Well, that was more than all right, since that gave me time to put together a proper dessert!

I had just seen the Lime Chiffon Cake on Nic’s blog that afternoon and as I had all the ingredients on hand (have to keep limes around for those lovely pre-dinner cocktails, right?) I didn’t hesitate for a second, but started right in on the cake. It came together beautifully–was finished baking just before we sat down to soup, and was cool enough to slice once we were ready for a slice. Perfect timing! What more can you ask for?

Aside from the hand cramp after squeezing all those limes (By God, I think it’s time for a juicer already!), this was a dream to make. I followed Nic’s recipe almost exactly–you can find her recipe here. I substituted regular unbleached flour for the cake flour, and I used a bit less lime juice–my 4 limes only produced 1/2 cup of juice, so I added 1/4 cup of water–and used the zest from all four to make up the flavor difference.

I even had a half of a lime left (from the one I had reserved for cocktail wedges), so I made a bit of drizzle to go on top. And was it was sweet-n-tart from that lime juice! I personally didn’t think the cake needed it, but my friend Socks was awfully glad it was there. He had two helpings with two very big drizzles. And he doesn’t even eat dessert!

That man is good for my ego, I swear! *smile*

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