Bad, Bad Burger!

October 16, 2006

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And after such a good burger, too! Let’s get the bad burger report out of the way straight off:

After much talk and anticipation, I finally visited the Murray Hill location of “better burger nyc“(561 Third Avenue at 37th Street). And it turned out not to be “better” at all! I know they’re cooked to order, but I was the *only* customer in the joint, and it still took 12 minutes between paying for and receiving my burger. I mean, how much “hand-crafting” can one measely burger require? I finally bit into it—and a whole lotta nothing good.

The meat itself–fine, but not particularly tasty. The cheese–flavorless. The tomatoes—wilted. The pickles–regular hamburger pickles, but they were shredded and had a very odd taste and smell. The lettuce–flaccid iceberg. And the worst thing: the bun. “Organic Whole Wheat” they call it. Speckly Cardboard, says I.

So it took me a half an hour (8 minutes each way, 2 minutes to order, 12 for the burger to arrive) and $7.53 to be that dissapointed. And still hungry!

Final result: If the only important to you is the hormone free/organic aspect of the food—then this is the place for you. But if taste matters–stear clear!

Instead head over to New York Burger Co. TG & I literally stumbled into the Chelsea location (678 6th Ave. b/w 21st & 22nd Sts.) after an afternoon of shopping. Our original thought was to just “share a burger” to tide us over until dinner. [ Ok, I’ll admit it–I suggested we share a burger. He looked at me and said “I don’t think I’ve ever heard that phrase used before. Who the hell ‘shares a burger’?! But ok, if that’s what you want to do, silly girl….”] Well that only lasted until we started chatting with our lovely cashier—she took his side (which TG proudly claims was due entirely to his charm. Those of us who know him, know better…*smile) and soon we were each ordering our own.

And was I glad we did! We were each able to have our burger cooked how we wanted (Hey—that reminds me—why didn’t those “organic-better-burger” folks ask me how I wanted mine cooked? And it still took 12 minutes!!!!! Harrumph!) Medium rare for me, Medium-Well for him…Vermont Cheddar on mine, please—fries and a fountain soda to share. We pay and the head around to the side to watch them grill the burgers. On huge open grills, right there for the watching. While we waited I poured our fountain soda and explored the dips and sauces and dressings. You can take and try as many as you’d like…it was awesome. My favorite was the creamy horseradish sauce. It was killer! I ended up putting it on everything. I broke off pieces of the bun to dip into it—gathered up all the bits of lettuce that had fallen onto the paper to have even more to dip….sucked it off the french fries…I swear, I wanted to buy a container of it to bring home. It was seriously that good. Ok, enough about my love affair with the horseradish sauce–now to the burger:

The burger was fantastic! The meat—tasty, juicy, cooked to specification. The bun–soft, buttery brioche–really brought it up a whole other level–and great with the sauce! *smile* Firm, ripe tomatoes– crisp, green romaine lettuce and my cheese–very flavorful! Even the fries were killer—crispy and tasty. It was so, so good. Thank goodness we each had our own! Had we shared, we would have had to just go back up and order another immediately. As it was, I could have gone back two hours later for another round–it was just that good!

Final result: Fresh, flavorful—even the other dishes, like salads and chicken, looked fantastic–amazing sauces and refillable drinks. This is a place I would not only plan on going back to if I’m in the neighborhood—it is definitely a destination place as well. So if you’re craving a good, juicy burger–head over to New York Burger Co—it’s worth the trip!

And don’t forget to try the horseradish sauce–and let me know if you think my obsession is justified!

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