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October 20, 2006

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For some reason, Blogger has *not* been letting me upload photos for the past few days. So though I do have some food thoughts, pictures and recipes to share….I thought I’d give you a little something else in the meantime.

I’ve been to a number of shows in the past week, so I thought I’d tell you about them:

Losing Louie — currently on Broadway at the Biltmore Theatre. It’s a comedy with some serious overtones about memory and family and what those long-unacknowledged feelings can do to us over time. I liked it. Not a full-price ticket show for me, but if you can get a two-fer or some other kind of deal, it’s worth seeing!

The Street — My talented friend Jane wrote this show–a comedy with music– which had it’s first staged reading this week–and the crowd loved it. Congratulations, Jane! I’ll keep you posted if it goes into production so you all can check it out….

Art Brut — An English alternative rock band–they had a show at Irving Plaza. They took the stage at 11:01, and went non-stop for a solid hour until, as lead singer Eddie Argos put it, they’d “run out of songs.” It was a great show. They have really high energy, and though each member of the band is a very distinct persona, they all seem to be in it together, and they really connect with the crowd. Great live show—try to catch them if they come by you.

My Deah — A slightly outrageous comedy playing at the Abingdon Theatre Arts Complex. A modern retelling of Euripides “Medea”–set in the modern day south. Medea…My-Deah—get it? *smile* It’s a bit campy–but very funny and wonderfully directed! And the cast is *perfect*—particularly the two leads: the amazing Nancy Opel and the eminently lickable Maxwell Caulfield. This is not your main-stream family fare, but if you enjoy something a bit outside the mainstream, I highly recommend you go and see it.

Here’s my favorite line(s) from the show—and do forgive me, I’m working from memory here:

“Everyone’s gone mad!”

“The whole world has turned up-side down!”

“Just like a pineapple cake.”

I know you really had to *be* there….but if you’ve seen it, hearing those lines again should make you laugh out loud!

So there’s your ‘Arts-and-Entertainment-in NYC’ round-up for this week…Now get out there and see something, would ya?!

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