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December 1, 2006

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I remember quite clearly the day I bought my first Silpat—it had to be about ten years ago now…

I had seen them on the orginal Martha Stewart Living tv show. (You know, back when it only aired on Saturday or Sunday mornings, before she went “omnimedia” and just cooked and filmed in her kitchen in Westport.) So come Monday, my friend Mary and I went over to Bridge Kitchenware during our lunch break to find out more. We were a bit hesitant in those days to pony up $25.00 per mat, but the saleslady at Bridge told us it would last for about 3,000 uses, so we would be sure to get more than our money’s worth out of them. I asked how we would know when it needed to be replaced. She said, “You’ll just know.”

Well that moment of “knowing” came this weekend.

See for yourself:

Ghosts of lemon scones past are blazed into that silicone!

I was heading down to New York Cake & Baking Supply to pick up some holiday baking supplies anyway, so I figured I’d grab two new ones while I was there. To my surprise they didn’t have the original Silpat mats, but they had this one by Fox Run.

At first I thought I’d just go somewhere else to find the Silpat…but two things made me change my mind and buy the Fox Run mats: 1) They were only $9.99 for a half-sheet mat, about half of what the Silpat half-sheet goes for; and 2) those smart Fox Run folks put a ruler right on the mat itself! Look:

Anyone who remembers how excited I was about Cathy’s tip for rolling out pastry to the correct measurement, well, you can just imagine how happy this made me! So I went ahead and bought two Foxes to replace my original, ten-year-old, 3,000 milers. (Not that I’m going to get rid of those 3,000 mile Silpats, mind you….just going to ease them up in the baking rotation!)

I haven’t tested them out yet, either for rolling or baking, but when I do I’ll let you know how the Fox measures up. But no matter how they fare, they’ve earned a few “Cathy is Brilliant!” points for incorporating those rulers!

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